Experience & Accomplishments

Sheriff David Clouse portrait

Promises made. Promises kept.

Committed to public safety, transparency, and responsible fiscal management.

Serving the public for over a decade

On February 12, 2019, David Clouse will be sworn in as the 18th Sheriff of Navajo County. Sheriff K.C. Clark will be retiring as Sheriff and has asked the Board of Supervisors to appoint Deputy Chief David Clouse to the position of Sheriff upon his retirement.

David Clouse has generational ties to Navajo County and the Sheriff’s Office. David is the grandson of former Sheriff, Glen L. Flake who served as Sheriff of Navajo County for 12 years and in law enforcement for a total of 29 years within Navajo County. David’s great grandfather, S. Eugene Flake was also a Deputy for Navajo County in the 1930’s and 40’s. David and his wife Angela, along with their 4 daughters make their home in Snowflake. They happen to live next door to his 3rd great grandfather’s home, William J. Flake, the founder of Snowflake, which is the first home in Snowflake. That makes 7 generations who have lived on this block in Snowflake. David’s roots to Navajo County run deep.

David attended and graduated from Northern Arizona University with bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management. David is currently attending Arizona State University working on graduate courses. He was hired on with NCSO in 2009 and graduated from the AZ Law Enforcement Academy in Phoenix, AZ. David was named Deputy of the Year in 2011, Promoted to Sergeant shortly thereafter and then Detective Sergeant. Sheriff Clark later appointed David to Deputy Chief. As Deputy Chief, David oversees Patrol, Dispatch, Training, Criminal Investigations, Property & Evidence, Civil Division and Training. David has had a successful career with NCSO since 2009 promoting and serving in several different functions and receiving hundreds of hours of advanced training in leadership and Law Enforcement practices.

As your Sheriff, David will be a Pro 2nd Amendment Sheriff committed to protecting the rights of all citizens within Navajo County. David is honored to have taken the oath of office to protect the AZ and US constitutions and doesn’t take this light heartedly. David is and will be tough on crime holding those who violate the rights and freedoms of others accountable. David feels politics has no business being a part of Law Enforcement and will be the Sheriff representing all citizens within Navajo County running an impartial office. David will work tirelessly to ensure to protect the rights, property and life of all. David is committed to running a fiscally conservative office and operate within the budget set for the office of Sheriff. David recognizes the importance and need to use tax payer’s money responsibly and will always put the tax payers needs first.

David will take a strong stance against drug dealers operating within our communities. School safety will also be a top priority within the office. David has said, “everything within the office needs and will be evaluated for areas of improvement”. David brings a different perspective to the office from prior Sheriffs. He will be looking to make changes utilizing technology in the way they investigate crimes, respond to calls, document reports and record keeping.

With the recent elections in mind, the Navajo County Jail District proposition was narrowly overturned by the voters of Navajo County. David recognizes this will bring some changes to Navajo County as well as the Sheriff Office. David is prepared to make the necessary adjustments needed but commits to work with county officials to maintain the services necessary to operate a professional working agency. David knows citizens expect to have highly trained Deputies respond in a timely manner and conduct fair impartial investigations and services. David says the citizens will continue to have our commitment to make this happen.

David is also going to be looking for ways to work with other departments in the county where we can partner and save money in working together and not duplicating services in our communities.

Over the past 10 years, Sheriff Clark has made many changes within the department which David has been a part of and they are proud of what they have accomplished as an agency. David is honored to have been appointed to carry out the remainder of Sheriff Clark’s term and won’t take this duty lightly. David recognizes the public trust in holding an elected office such as Sheriff.

Clouse will make sure the Deputies and Detention Officers receive the best training in the state. Over the next two years David looks forward to demonstrating his abilities to lead this department to gain the trust of the public and in the coming years to continue to serve as your Sheriff.

Associations and Partnerships

  • Member of Western States Sheriff’s Association
  • Member of National Sheriff’s Association
  • Member of Arizona Sheriff’s Association
  • Member of International Chiefs of Police Association
  • Northeast Arizona Police Association
  • Member of AZ HIDTA Board of Directors
  • Associated with Nexus coalition for drug prevention

1st Year Accomplishments

  • Came in under budget during first year in office, sent money back to general fund of Navajo County. Ran a fiscally conservative office
  • Reorganized jail budget and jail structure to bring much needed raises to Detention Officers, all while staying within my allotted budget for the jail
  • Established a Jail District in Navajo County – This reduced cost for local agencies, municipalities and Navajo County for detention services
  • Partnership with BIA and US Marshal service for detention contracts in Navajo
  • Sheriff “ALERT” program – Sheriff’s Animal Livestock Equine and Recuse Team
  • HUMV program in the jail – Housing unit for Military Veterans – Helping veterans in and upon release not reoffend
  • Reduced costs in jail by not transporting prisoners to court, using Telecom to video court hearings to reduce risks with transports and cost
  • NCSO Law Enforcement memorial at county complex
  • Brought in new equipment for Deputies, replacing aged equipment in first year
  • New patrol rifles for deputies
  • Brought in advanced training for Deputies and Detention
  • Hosted a detention academy working towards reducing vacancies and retention of employees

Projects for 2020

  • Re Direct Program for youth – keep juveniles out of criminal justice system with pre-arrest diversion
  • Wellness court in Navajo County – Mental Health Court for Navajo County
  • Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) improve communication, foster community partnerships, and maintain the public’s trust
  • Mental health treatment accessibility inside the Navajo County Jail
  • ALICE Training for Schools throughout Navajo County taught and provided by NCSO
  • Continue to protect the citizens, protect rural values & families and protect their constitutional rights

Investigation Experience

  • Homicide
  • Sexual Assault
  • Embezzlement
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Fraud
  • Felony