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Sheriff Clouse is working to build safer neighborhoods and stronger communities.

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Recent stories, articles, and posts of Sheriff Clouse and his deputies serving the community and keeping Navajo County residents safe.

Video of newly appointed Sheriff David Clouse

Newly appointed Navajo County Sheriff David Clouse introduces himself

Sheriff Clouse educating law enforcement

Sheriff Clouse greets drug interdiction class held in Show Low

Sheriff’s deputies arrest suspects in connection with robberies

Sheriff’s deputies arrest suspects in connection with robberies

Sheriff Clouse being sworn into office

David Clouse becomes 9th Sheriff of Navajo County as Kelly Clark steps down

Sheriff Clouse ARMS

Gun maker donates weapons to Navajo County Sheriff’s deputies

Sheriff Clouse opens new veterans area in county jail

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office opens new jail space for military veterans

New Navajo County Sheriff's Office Memorial

Memorial dedicated to fallen Navajo County Sheriff’s Office deputies

Blane Susan Barksdale

Fugitive couple Blane, Susan Barksdale nabbed in Arizona manhunts


Sheriff Clouse makes presentation to Show Low City Council


N. Arizona communities left without 911 call service after fiber line damaged


Navajo County Sherriff Deputy lauded for preventing school shooting

Sheriff Clouse speaking at meeting

Sheriff Clouse Completes 22-week School of Police Staff and Command


Ducey gets support of 11 Arizona sheriffs on plan to secure southern border

Serving the Community

It shall be the mission of the Navajo County Sheriff Office to protect the lives, rights and property of the citizens of Navajo County by preventing and deterring crime and assisting the public. This will be carried out by providing quality and efficient Law Enforcement services, civil services and detention services. As your Sheriff, I swear to uphold the laws of this great state of Arizona and constitution of the United States.